Embodying the Zen of Hara Within the Field called MA

Upcoming workshop with Hiroyoshi Tahata of Japan. Rolf-Movement Instructor.

Santa Cruz, CA.
Date: mid-September, 2020.

Hara is located three finger widths below the naval. In Zen meditation your attention is oftentimes placed on the Hara. From acupuncture it is said that Hara is the “source of life”. MA refers to the Japanese sense of space, interval or pause between objects. In the west we may refer to this as the field. Integrating these two aspects into your somatic practice deepens not only the connection to oneself but to the surrounding field.

Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Instructor, living in Tokyo. He has worked as a research biochemist at the Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories for 9 years before studying the work of Rolfing.
Hiro is renowned for developing, teaching and practicing this subtly powerful work that integrates the deepest levels of self and its relationship to the universe.  In this workshop we will embody the sensation and informational quality of Hara while integrating the relevance of our positioning in the transformational field of MA.
This workshop is open to all somatic practitioners and can be immediately applied to your life and practice.
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Japanese Rolfing Association sponsored Rolf Movement workshop in Tokyo, Japan

Spine in motion

Spine in motion through support and relationship with joints
Date: Aug.20-23, 2019
Location : Tokyo, Japan
CE Credits : 4 Day Rolf Movement credits
Tuition : YEN 80000
The students will explore functional movement in spine. To enhance the function of axial complex, it would be important to strenghten support system with membranous tissues of spinal column, motility of  retroperitoneal organs and embryological primitive movements.  
It would be meaningful to explore the relationship of spine with the other structural component or perception.

 Collaboration of European Rolf Movement instructor, Nicola Carofiglio and Hiroyoshi Tahata

Embody  Orient/ Occident

Date: Sep.1-3, 2019
Location : Tokyo, Japan

Ultimately Rolfing is for the Rolfer

Date: Sep. 5-7, 2019
Location : Tokyo, Japan
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The way for translation of 10 recipe of S.I. into the movement with the Art of Yield with Ma

 The Art of Yield evokes structural change and integration in a new way by using the client’s system to make the decisions about where to go through the Oriental concept of MA (Space/timing) and HARA . The results shown bellow can be achieved through gentle and brief, but precisely timed touch without using classical myofascial release technique we typically use in Rolfing® S.I.


I saw many Structural Integrators  hurting themselves by using too much pressure in their practices. We are body/wellness professionals teaching others how to live and move with more ease. There should be a consistency between what the practitioner  is doing and what the practitioner is teaching the client. I as a Rolfer have been developing  a way to work with more ease. It allows the practitioner to discern and follow a more extensive range of change.
 On the Part 1, the fundamental concept of Yield will be introduced.  This class will cover the first hour to the 3rd  hr of the 10 series.   Part 2 is about the CORE sessions,  4th hr through the 7th hr.   Followed by these parts, the final Part 3 class will focus “integration ” .with various useful position strategy. 
All parts must be taken in sequential order as each part is the prerequisite to the next.
Instructor:  Hiroyoshi Tahata 
Credits : 4 credits toward Rolf Movement® certification for Rolfers and IASI members
Tuition : YEN 80000 for each Part
Location :  Tokyo, Japan 
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Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Instructor. In 1999, Hiro began exploring the movement of Yield and has cultivated and deepened his understanding of this primal action over the past 17 years. The approach he has developed is transformative and broadens a practitioner’s field of perception and informed touch. 


YE credits :  3 days x 3 Parts = 9 credits
1日イールド紹介ワークショップ後に、計9日間のクラスを修了することで、3シリーズYielding Embodiment®を提供できるように組まれたコースです。

9単位取得によって、Yielding embodiment® 3シリーズの提供が可能になります。


YE credits :  17単位 (内容が重複しないクラスへの参加)
クラスの種類:Core, Spine, Perception, Breathing, Support, Integration

Yielding embodiment® 8シリーズの提供が可能になります。